Indoor Gas Heater | Stratos Brahma 9.0

Indoor Gas Heater Bromic Stratos Brahma 9.0

Gas Heater Flue Kit for Stratos Brahma

7m Gas Heater Flue Kit for Stratos Brahma 3.0 & 5.0

Wireless Climate Controller

This Wireless Climate Controller is an optional accesory available with our range of Stratos Brahma Indoor Heaters. It is easy to program, with the option to set daily and weekly operation. It is wall mounted and distinguished by a large graphic display unit that helps to make the various control and adjustment settings easy to access .

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  • Easy programmable controller
  • Set multiple times for operation
  • Temperature sensor
  • Wall mounted
  • Graphic LCD 128x64 pixel
  • 7 Variable function keys
  • Weekly programming
  • 4 Temperature levels
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