Bromic Waterboy Wizard pRO

Waterboy Wizard Pro Pump Controller Kit

Bromic Waterboy Jet Kit 60L (Slate Grey)

Waterboy™ 60L Jet Pump Kit in Slate Grey

Waterboy™ 40L Jet Pump Kit in Slate Grey

Bromic Waterboy™ All-in-one 40L Jet Pump Kit with Water Changeover Controller is IP55-rated and fully waterproof ensuring highest quality, durability & longevity. This model features a Slate Grey housing, to compliment any home exterior. The kit includes the 40L Jet Pump powered by an electric motor which contains and drives an impeller/centrifugal pump to move water through the pump and increase pressure to assist in areas requiring high suction lift. The kit features a Waterboy Wizard pressure controller which is a simple and effective water changeover device allowing water supply to be switched automatically between harvested rainwater and mains water. It also includes 2 stainless steel braided hoses and the inline filter device, all within a weatherproof housing.

Bromic Waterboy™ jet pump plug-and-play complete kits are:

  • Boosting water savings
  • 100% quality & performance checked
  • Easy to install
  • Fully waterproof to ensuring durability and longevity - IP55 rated
  • Non-float system eliminating the possibility of blockages
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Back by 2 Year In-Field Warranty

For use with: Clean Water

Application: Automated rainwater harvesting system. 

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Waterboy™ Jet Kits include:

  • Bromic Waterboy™ jet pump
  • Incline filter
  • Waterboy™ Wizard pressure controller
  • 2 x 600mm stainless steel braided hoses
  • Housing

Waterboy™ Jet Kit Flow Performance Curve

Waterboy™ Jet Kit Flow Performance Curve

More Information
SKU 7575010
Pumping Capacity 40L
Water Type Clean Water
Inlet Connection 1" BSP
Outlet Connection 1" BSP
Maximum Mains Pressure 750kPa
Minimum Mains Pressure 200kPa
Electrical Connection (V) 230-240V
Max Electrical Load 10 amp
Water Temperature 1 - 40oC
Ambient Temperature 1 - 40oC
IP Rating IP55