Single Phase Electric Hot Water, 7kW HF-107

Single Phase Electric Hot Water, 7kW HF-107

Single Phase Electric Hot Water, 5.5kW HF-105

The electronically controlled water heater with LCD display from Bromic Plumbing & Gas features 5.5kW rated power with low voltage warning. Ideal for supplying instantaneous hot water close to the point of use. Easily view the inlet and outlet temperature, flow rate and maximum power. This hot water heater can be used to reheat pre-heated water, with the temperature lock function allowing for maximum temperature to be saved. The temperature memory function saves the 3 most frequently used temps allowing for easy selection.

LCD Screen

+ Clearly displays inlet and outlet water temperatures, the water flow rate, and the percentage of max. power the unit currently heats.

Electronic Control 

+ Ensures stability and smooth regulation of the water temperature between 30° to 60°C. With + - 1°C. 

Reheat Pre-heated Water

+ Inlet water temperature solution, allows the unit to work with a domestic hot water tank. 

Temperature Lock

+ Allows the user to save the maximum temperature value. 

Temperature Memory Function

+ Allows the user to save the 3 most frequently used water temperatures.

No Flue Required

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SKU 2850105
Application Kitchen, Bathroom
Retail Packaging No
Voltage (V) 240V
Rated Current, A 8.3 - 9.1
Rated Power 5.5 kW
Current (A) 24
Hot Water Delivery, L/min (at T = 30°C) 2.9
Min. Flow Rate 2.5 L/min
Max Inlet Pressure (kPa) 600
Temperature Range, °C 30° - 60°
Dimensions (H x W x D) 350 x 200 x 110
Weight 3.3 kg
IP Rating IP25
Water Connections G 1/2” Female
Element Type Copper Sheath Element
Approvals WM 40268, AS 3498