Easy Flex Extendable Gas Hoses

Bromic Pluming & Gas is founded upon the core values of putting the users’ needs first no matter what HVAC industry they work within. Whether we innovate and engineer our own solution, or distribute another’s, we always supply the very best products that are selected through a highly scrutinized process with rigorous testing. At the forefront of our mind and business model, we place customer service assistance and support for our clients and their customers which has lead to the 40 years of great brand image that has been created thus far. Our mission is to provide the best suited and highest performing product that exceeds customer expectations while leading the industry with innovative products and service.

Bromic Plumbing & Gas continues to build long-term partnerships with some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities and with warehousing and distribution centres in key global locations, Bromic operates from our purpose-built facility in Sydney, Australia. Supplying Wholesale and Trade Market leaders, distributing industry best brands, along with our own extensive range of plumbing and gas products, Bromic has developed strong expertise in local markets. With sales, distribution and support services in strategic locations around the world, Bromic dedicates significant resources to ensure our sales, service and support teams are well trained, knowledgeable and pro-active in earning your trust.

Each Bromic Plumbing & Gas product is covered by our warranty and our policies relating to them can be found on the warranty page here. If you require further assistance with all warranty enquiries, please use the contact us form here to speak to our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.

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