The Smart, Convenient Mobile Brazing Solution - Oxyset

Introducing a smarter solution to onsite brazing and soldering. When you have a quick brazing job to do, the last thing you want is to have to drag out your traditional oxy-acetylene gear, with its clunky construction and inconvenient weight.


Designed with the HVAC service tech in mind, the Bromic Oxyset Mobile Brazing and Soldering System (1811167-2) is the ultimate tool for the job. Don’t be fooled into thinking its lightweight construction and compact size make it ‘lightweight’ in terms of performance. This clever mobile oxy kit is built tough for demanding environments and is ideal for operating in hard-to-reach spots. Its portability is one of its most appealing qualities. Tradies will agree that at just 6kg in weight, 43cm high and 25cm wide, the Oxyset doesn’t take up much more space in their work truck than their lunchbox!

The kit features an easy-to-carry cylinder stand for use with disposable oxygen and Map-Pro cylinders, suitable for welding, brazing, silver soldering and heating. The design of the torch, regulator and hose make it easier to use than existing heavy setups.

What’s in the box?

The Bromic Oxyset Mini Mobile Brazing kit includes the essentials you need to get the job done:

  • Highly portable cylinder rack
  • Oxy torch 
  • 2 x flashback arrestors (torch end)
  • 2 x check valves (reg end)
  • Wrench
  • 2m twin hose assembly with 3.2mm inner diameter and brass fitting
  • MAP//Pro™ regulator with flow gauge for precise control
  • Oxygen regulator with flow gauge for precise control and contents gauge
  • 5 nozzles (1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm and 2.4mm) to cater for various applications
  • Spanner, welding goggles and flint sparker
  • *Cylinders not included

Oxyset – The benefits of a mobile brazing solution to any trade

Onsite convenience for solo operators – Sole traders particularly appreciate Oxyset for its ability to be used with one hand. When working alone, particularly in tight spaces, you need an oxy kit that’s effortlessly portable, can function well in hard-to-reach locations and can be easily managed by a single person.

Oxyset goes where you go – You should have no trouble carting your Oxyset brazing torch up ladders and into ceiling cavities and other tight spaces, making the Oxyset a tremendous tool for your onsite brazing and soldering tasks.

Tough construction – Oxyset has been designed and manufactured to take the bumps and bangs that come with most trade working environments. It’s a robust little system, and, as a bonus benefit, it weighs just one third of the weight of traditional oxy-acetylene systems.

Economical and convenient – No need to refill cylinders! Oxyset uses affordable disposable Map-ProTM and Oxygen cylinders which are compact and lightweight. The cylinders are constructed from durable steel and feature a slim, lightweight design that makes them easy to work with and transport. Bromic’s range of disposable fuel cylinders offers the highest-pressure disposable cylinders on the market, which means more gas for the user. Map-ProTM (1811120) & Oxygen (1811320) cylinders are available from Bromic.

Choosing the right torch and fuel

Choosing the correct oxy torch and fuel for your particular metal and application is vital to achieve the best results. Given that metals melt at different temperatures, you’ll need the right fuel to suit the metal you are working with. View Bromic’s Torch & Fuel Selection Guide and make your selection based on the recommendations it contains. 

Combining Oxygen with MAP//Pro™ creates heat that is sufficient for brazing, light welding, hardening steel, and thin metal cutting. It is recommended for professional tradespeople such as HVAC techs and plumbers.

Trusted by trades for over 40 years

With more than 40 years of experience to our credit, Bromic are experts in the manufacture and supply of quality gas products for professional tradespeople. Our lineup of hand torches, brazing torches, soldering irons, welding and cutting kits and accessories provides multiple options to suit your specific brazing and soldering requirements. Our products are specifically engineered for trade environments. 

To discover whether the Bromic Oxyset Mobile Brazing and Soldering System is right for your particular needs, get in touch today.