Soldering & Brazing

  1. How to Safely Dispose Gas Cylinders in Australia - All You Need to Know

    Cylinder Disposal: A Guide to Disposing Gas Cyinders in Australia

    Why you should NEVER throw gas cylinders in a regular waste bin 

    Disposable gas bottles are considered hazardous waste and must not be disposed of in a regular bin. Incorrectly disposed gas cylinders and other harmful waste such as batteries have caused trucks and rubbish tips to explode and catch on fire. Not only does this present danger to people, but toxic gases from exploded cylinders can pollute waterways, drinking water, soil and plants. 
    Illegal disposal, dumping or misuse of wastes is a serious offence and subject to financial penalties. Disposing of disposable gas bottles safely by taking them to an appropriate hazardous waste facility is your duty as a responsible citizen. 

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  2. The Smart, Convenient Mobile Brazing Solution - Oxyset

    The Smart, Convenient Mobile Brazing Solution - Oxyset

    Introducing a smarter solution to onsite brazing and soldering. When you have a quick brazing job to do, the last thing you want is to have to drag out your traditional oxy-acetylene gear, with its clunky construction and inconvenient weight.

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  3. Loxeal 58-11 Thread Sealant: Plumber trusted and preferred

    Loxeal 58-11 Thread Sealant - Plumber trusted and preferred

    Bromic recommends Loxeal 58-11 Thread Sealant for multiple applications. Manufactured in Italy to global standards, it boasts high performance and minimised cure time. But before you choose a product, it’s important to consider a range of factors and today, we’re going to go into what they are and the differences between thread sealant and sealing tape.

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  4. DIY Holiday Decor with Your Bernzomatic Torch

    Festive Star Decoration Blog

    Learn how to make a festive and surprisingly easy Brass Star Holiday Decoration. It should take just 30 inutes and you get to use your Bernzomatic torch!

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  5. A Bernzomatic Fathers Day Gift Guide

    Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

    Father’s Day is coming up, which means it’s almost time to say “thanks” to your Dad for everything he has done with and for you over the years. Father’s Day is an excuse to spoil him with thoughtful gifts that he otherwise might not indulge in. There’s plenty of Father’s Day gift options out there, but it can be hard to move past the socks, ties, beer and other traditional knick knacks. Why not get him the perfect gift to keep on hand, a good torch … but which one? Bernzomatic makes so many.

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  6. Sievert, the Professional Heating Tool for your Job

    Seviert in use

    The Sievert range of heating tools is designed for professionals. The top of the line torch and burner systems offer advanced design, comfort and durability. Their powerful soldering, brazing and heating solutions are available in premade kits or you can assemble a kit to suit your needs. In this article we will cover the three Sievert handle systems, their different burner options as well as regulator and hose options.

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  7. The Benefits of Using a Weed Burner in Your Garden

    Benefits of Weed Burning

    Controlled burning to improve crops has been used by farmers for centuries, but it is only recently that homeowners and garden lovers have started to use this same method in their gardening to get rid of weeds. Using a flame torch or burner to burn off unwanted weeds is an effective way to keep a garden healthy. In this blog we cover when and how to use a weed burner as well as why they are effective.

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  8. Torch & Fuel Selection Guide

    Soldering Torch & Fuel Selection Guide

    At Bromic we have the widest range of trade focussed soldering & brazing products, and we know that selecting the best hand torch and fuel source for your project is important. You need to ensure you can work effectively and efficiently to complete your soldering, brazing or welding project. There are a variety of torches, torch kits and fuel options available and in this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to selecting the correct fuel type and torch flame type for the job.

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